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Applicant: The Communal Self-
Government Mayor's Office, Kocs

Location of Realisation:
Kocs Historic Exhibition Rooms, Kocs

According to historians, the coach, the wagon was developed by farmers in the village of Kocs, in Hungary. The significance of the vehicle is shown in the fact that the word "kocsi" is to be found in a number of European languages describing the same shaped vehicle. The self-government the village of Kocs had exhibition rooms constructed in 2002 to present the copy of the "kocsi", as well as a re-enacted cooper shop and forgery with original tools. The International Coach Pushing Contest is associated with the exhibition.

The museum licence was issued on 25 October 2005.

Address: 7 Komáromi Street, Kocs
Visitors need to make an appointment on telephone.
Telephone: 0634/471-298

The objective of the application: To purchase technological instruments. Therefore, a more detailed education of the story of the "kocsi" and the life of the peasants once living in the village can be provided both for the visitors and the residents of the village.

Financial Support: 800 Thousand Ft

The objective of the application was to commemorate those who invented the "kocsi" and to acquaint the vehicle with the successors. The wagon was manufactured by the expert László Tóth based on period descriptions and images. The Tóth-made car is on display at the Kocs Exhibition Rooms. It differs from the formerly shown ones in that it is made with iron axel so it can be used on the road. The Self-Government of the Village of Kocs held the 10th Coach Pushing Festival in the year of 2008. The coach was offered for the visitors to try out. In the framework of the festival, a professional conference was also held entitled "The Renaissance of the Kocsi". Residents of villages and towns lined up alongside the Budapest-Vienna stage-coach road celebrating the wonderful vehicle. The coach made for the application was also involved in the programmes.

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